About FZG Parts

Thank you for your Interest!

Hi, I am very happy that you found the way to this website and I really appreciate your interest in the FZG Tremolo Switch. My name is Florian Zapp, I am an enthusiastic guitar player and mechanical engineering student based in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Having not been satisfied with any tremolo blocking solution on the market, I developed the Tremolo Switch and founded my own company Florian Zapp Guitar Parts. On this website you will find all the details about the Tremolo Switch, its features and benefits it provides.

For the love of the guitar...

I am without a doubt an avid music lover and open to many different musical genres. I’ve been playing guitar for 16 years now and love to compose my own music and be creative. In the last few years I’ve been playing with the Indie Rock band The Black Lane. It’s a friend of mine’s band and I just love being on stage with these guys. In April this year, a dream came true with the release of the first single of my Progressive Metal project Neponus.

I’ve been using the Tremolo Switch in both bands since I made the first prototype in early 2020. This gave me the possibility to use my guitars a lot more flexibly because I can retune them now more easily which allows me to express my creativity in other tunings without having to readjust the guitars everytime. Also, for playing techniques that require a fixed stop, like country-style double-stop bends or heavy palm-muted metal riffs, I can switch to dive-only mode whenever I need it.

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