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The FZG Tremolo Switch gives you the ability to switch between free-floating and dive-only tremolo in a matter of seconds.

Tune down without having to readjust the spring tension every time. The Tremolo Switch prevents the tremolo block from being pulled back.
Heavy Metal Riffs can quickly sound slightly out of tune on a tremolo-equipped guitar. With the Tremolo Switch you get a reliable solid stop and the feel of a real hardtail bridge.
Block your Tremolo when a string is broken to keep the tuning of your guitar. This way, if the worst happens, you can stay calm and still finish the song.
String changes & Trem adjustments are done much faster and with less hassle, because the tremolo is always held in its rest position. No more annoying back and forth tuning!
The Tremolo Switch is activatable with one simple movement whenever you need it. Switch between free-floating and dive-only tremolo to use different tunings with the same guitar!
Keep all the benefits and fun of your floating tremolo! When the Trem Switch is deactivated, no extra resistance could affect the smoothness and tuning stability. Everything just works as before!

The FZG Tremolo Switch is the best Tremolo blocking solution available. It's the ultimate tool for any Floyd Rose equipped Guitar!

“It’s a pretty highly qualitililily made piece of gear in Germany by a guy that had a good idea […] I like it! It will stay in this Friedman NoHo 24 and actually makes this guitar for me a lot more usable.”
“So here are my final thoughts on the Trem Switch. Does it do what they claim it will do? Well, for the most part: Yes! It’s a little finicky to get set up perfect. But once it’s there it’s pretty amazing.”
“Die Besonderheit beim Tremolo Switch ist, dass man ihn komplett deaktivieren kann und dann das Tremolo frei Schwingt OHNE JEGLICHE EINSCHRÄNKUNG.”

Tremolos are great, but somehow quite annoying...

Despite the many fun things you can get up with a Floyd Rose guitar, the setup work, the string changes and the tricky tuning procedure can quickly turn into a real chore. The biggest disadvantage of free-floating tremolos, however, is that it is not easy to try out different tunings or simply switch between standard and drop tuning, since the system has to be readjusted for each specific tuning.

The FZG Tremolo Switch now gives you the ability to block the stroke of your tremolo, making it easier to adjust and tune, and allowing you to unlock the full potential of your guitar. Activating the Tremolo Switch requires only a simple hand movement. When blocked, your tremolo behaves like a decked vintage tremolo. That means tremoloing downwards will still be possible but it also opens up new possibilities, such as using down tunings or having a fixed stop when playing heavy palm muted riffs.

The Tremolo Switch thus functions as a fixed stop that defines the rest position of the tremolo. Compared to the commonly used “wooden-block method”, which is more of a permanent fixation of the tremolo, the FZG Tremolo Switch can be deactivated at any time. This allows you to easily switch between free-floating and “dive-only” tremolo in a matter of seconds, depending on the situation and your preferences.

The FZG Tremolo Switch is easy to use, can be retrofitted without much effort and guarantees a reliable blocking of your tremolo.

free-floating and hardtail mode

The Tremolo Switch now offers new possibilities:

1. Drop Tunings
You can finally switch between standard and drop tuning with your Floyd Rose guitar with ease, or even try out some really nasty down tunings without the entire guitar going out of tune and without having to carry out a time-consuming readjustment of the tremolo every time!

2. Block when needed
What blows more than a broken string during a performance?
Well, should it ever come to that, you can keep things cool and activate the Tremolo Switch with a simple flick of the wrist. This allows you to finish the song fully relaxed and, most important, 100% in tune!

3. Faster String Changes
Those annoying string changes you’ve always shied away from are now child’s play thanks to the Tremolo Switch. It is easier, faster and less stressful, because the tremolo always remains stable in its rest position. You can remove all strings at once without any problems as well as the annoying back and forth tuning between the individual strings is no longer necessary, since the fixed rest position means that the individual string tensions can no longer influence each other. You’ll notice that changing strings will be a breeze from now on!

4. Easier Adjustment Work
Once the Tremolo Switch is set correctly, future tremolo adjustments will be done much easier and faster, because the fixed rest position helps to determine the correct spring tension far more easily.

5. Keep all benefits of your Floyd Rose
When not activated, there is no contact between the  Tremolo Switch and the tremolo system. Meaning no additional friction could affect the tuning stability and smoothness of your tremolo. Furthermore, you uncompromisingly preserve all the fun things you can do with a Floyd Rose tremolo, for instance, doing flutter-effects and other cool whammy bar tricks.

“Hi, my name is Florian Zapp. I am an enthusiastic guitar player and mechanical engineering student based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Having not been satisfied with any tremolo blocking solution on the market, I developed the Tremolo Switch and founded my own company Florian Zapp Guitar Parts. On this website you will find all the details about the Tremolo Switch, its features and benefits it provides.”

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